Happy Labor Day

By | September 3, 2012 |

Thank you for the work you do! We wish you and your family a well-deserved rest on this Labor Day.

When CPI analyzed census poverty data last year, we found that in San Diego County almost 25,000 full-time workers earned below-poverty incomes.

It’s simply not right that so many jobs in our region pay too little for someone working full-time to live on, let alone support a family. When the new data comes out later this month, we will again analyze and spotlight the facts about the need for good quality, middle-class jobs in San Diego. And we will continue to make the case for building a San Diego that works for everyone.

As you reflect and relax this weekend, please take time to read this commentary by CPI board member Lorena Gonzalez, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council: Laboring to Stay Ahead: In Praise of the American Worker. She’s absolutely right that we all depend on each other’s work.

Please don’t forget to thank others whose work makes your life easier. Thank you for your support of CPI’s work, online and offline.