Sherman Heights Gets an Unwanted Neighbor

By | September 10, 2012 |

Imagine you live in a busy part of town. One morning, you hear a loud rumbling. You go outside and see a tractor tearing down a historical building that the community was planning to restore.

When you follow up with local and state officials, none of them were notified of this major change. As you investigate further, you find out the retailer planning a huge new store has made no guarantees to hire its employees locally. To make matters worse, the retailer regularly pays poverty wages, undermines local businesses and lobbies to pay minimal local taxes on its hefty profit. It is possible that your community won’t benefit at all from the destruction.

If you live in San Diego’s Sherman Heights neighborhood, you do not have to imagine it. Walmart has torn down the historical farmer’s market and the residents are doing everything possible to stop construction of a big-box store. When local residents asked Walmart to collaborate with them, Walmart refused to do so.

It features a Walmart employee and a small business owner talking about the negative impacts of Walmart on San Diego. Will you join them in speaking out on September 22 at the “We Deserve Better” march? San Diego deserves better jobs than the average $9 an hour paid by Walmart. On behalf of concerned San Diego residents, small business owners and Walmart workers, we thank you for speaking out against Walmart’s un-neighborly business practices. Every step we take gets us a little closer to a San Diego that works for all.

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