CPI ballot recommendations for Nov. 6

By , | October 5, 2012 |

Mail-in ballots start arriving next week for the November 6 election. Beneath the high-profile races is a long list of initiatives with potentially dramatic impacts.

CPI strongly recommends voting YES on Proposition 30 and NO on Proposition 32. In the San Diego Unified School District, we recommend YES on Proposition Z.

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YES on Prop 30 – Temporary Taxes to Fund Education
Proposition 30 would create revenue of approximately $6 billion dollars annually, primarily to support California’s education system. It would prevent drastic cuts scheduled for the current school year, both in K-12 and higher education. On the local level, without passage of Prop 30, San Diego Unified School District would be forced to increase class sizes and lay off up to 1,000 educators.

Prop 30 also guarantees that revenues will be available to local government to fund vital services like public safety.  Responsibility for these programs was transferred from the state to local government in 2011, and this measure ensures the funding also will be transferred.

Revenues from this initiative would come mainly from the highest income Californians. The money could only be used to fund education and the other programs specifically outlined in the initiative, and the state legislature could not change that.

NO on Prop 32 – Special Exemptions Act
Masquerading as campaign finance reform, Prop 32 claims to take all corporate and labor money out of politics, but doesn’t.  It takes workers and unions out, but keeps corporations in. By prohibiting raising money for political campaigns through voluntary payroll deductions – the method used by unions – it bars the organized voice of workers from political participation, while allowing corporate profits to be spent freely.

Prop 32 is funded by wealthy conservatives and donor organization, and would kick their most significant opposition out of the political arena. That would clear the way for initiatives to deregulate industries, remove consumer protections, defund public services and roll back workplace standards.

Prop 32 is the most important measure on the ballot this year. It’s essential that everyone who values democracy not only vote against it but help inform others that Prop 32 is a deceptive power grab by corporate interests.

YES on Prop Z – San Diego Unified School District facility bond
Prop Z will provide urgently needed funding for every neighborhood school and charter school in the San Diego Unified School District. It will fix leaky roofs and deteriorating electrical wires at 60-year-old schools, and construct new classrooms, science labs and other facilities in neighborhoods where the population has outgrown the schools. And it will make sure all our schools meet health and safety standards. The school district has been hard hit by state budget cuts, and Prop Z will provide local funding Sacramento can’t touch.

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