NO on Proposition P: Lower Wages and Higher Costs for Escondido

By | October 22, 2012 |

Proposition P in Escondido is a power grab by politicians and business interests that want to circumvent wage standards for workers on public works projects. It would change Escondido from a general law city to a charter city form of government

Rather than save money as proponents claim, it would transfer money from taxpayers and local workers to the pockets of private contractors. Here are some things Prop P would do:


  • A few politicians would gain broad new powers, including the ability to impose taxes and fees without a vote of the citizens, and to award contracts without competitive bidding.
  • Contractors would no longer have to pay local workers the prevailing wage for the region.
  • The city would be divided into electoral districts, with politicians drawing safe districts for themselves, in a costly process.
  • Any change to the charter would require the expense of additional elections, potentially leading to expensive litigation.


Prop P is a bad idea for the people of Escondido.  It removes crucial checks and balances now and far into the future. Vote NO on Prop P.

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