YES on Proposition Z: Protect San Diego Students from Devastating Budget Cuts

By | October 22, 2012 |

The outcomes of local ballot measures are crucial for working families.

State cuts in school funding have severely hurt our schools. Prop. Z provides critically needed local school funding that Sacramento CANNOT take away.

Here are the facts about Proposition Z:

  • It funds essential repairs to make 60-year-old schools safe, for example by removing asbestos, fixing frayed wiring and replacing obsolete fire alarms.
  • It prevents teacher layoffs by relieving the burden on operating funds.
  • It preserves San Diego’s nationally recognized “Classroom Technology Program” that has helped raise test scores for four years straight. Without Prop. Z, that program ends in 2014.
  • It prevents “Poway-style” long-term, high-interest bonds.
  • Every dime goes to local schools, with complete transparency, annual audits and details of every project available online.

If you live and vote in the San Diego Unified School District, stand up for our children’s future and vote YES on Proposition Z.

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