Monday: Join Us In Person to Stand Up to the Hotel Owners

By | February 23, 2013 |

When we asked for letters supporting decent pay and healthcare for hotel workers, we expected maybe 10 or 20 people would take the time to sit down and write a letter.

Wow. We underestimated you!

More than 60 passionate, thoughtful letters poured in overnight* – and they’re still coming!  People are fed up with the powerful downtown hoteliers, who are demanding the city turn over $30 million a year for their marketing, while refusing Mayor Bob Filner’s request that they pay livable wages.

On Monday, will you join us in person to stand up to the hotel owners?

The Tourism Marketing District has been invited to make their case to the City Council at 2 pm Monday, and they have a slick presentation ready.

Hotel workers and CPI will be there with the facts. The hotels are profiting from San Diego’s location and from their employees’ hard work, and they don’t help the local economy by paying wages too low for people to live self-sufficiently.

Please contact Normita Rodriguez,, if you can join us at 2 pm at City Hall, or you have questions. (And watch Normita on Channel 17 discussing how hotels’ low wages contribute to poverty in the region.)

Help us spread the word and bring more people out to support livable wages. Please forward this e-mail and share with your friends!

Thank you for standing with us. Together we are making San Diego better.