7 Things Working Families Will Appreciate This Thanksgiving

By | November 26, 2013 |

7ReasonsWorkingFamiliesA number of pieces of legislation were signed at the state level that will benefit people who work. We wanted to highlight just a few.

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  1. By January 2016, the California minimum wage will be $10/hour. (That’s still not high enough, but it’s a good start!)
  2. The restructuring of Enterprise Zones now offers hiring credits for quality job creation. Among other things, the credit may only be claimed for full-time jobs paying $12/hour or more. (AB 93 and SB 90)
  3. A number of bills were signed into law that protect immigrants in California, including one that makes it a crime for employers to make immigration threats as a means to commit wage theft. (AB 524) Additionally, another bill expands career opportunities for immigrants by authorizing the State Bar to award law licenses for immigrants who pass the State Bar exam. (AB 1024)
  4. A domestic worker’s bill of rights was signed (3rd in nation!) and will provide overtime to an estimated 200,000 California housekeepers, childcare providers and caregivers. (AB 241)
  5. The state’s paid family leave program was expanded to include time off to care for a seriously ill grandparent, grandchild, sibling or parent-in-law. (SB 770)
  6. Funding for professional development will be set aside for classified teachers and administrator positions in our K-12 School districts and community colleges. (SB 590)