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ESCONDIDO: Median income drops after years of increases

North County Times, 8/29/08

Census Data Show No Rise in Wages in 2007

San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/27/08

Poverty Rate Unchanged, Census Bureau Reports

San Diego Business Journal, 8/27/08

Poverty and Income in San Diego, 8/26/08

Significant Stats, 8/26/08

Household Income Stagnating in County

San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/26/08

Asian Households Had Highest Median Incomes in County in 2007, Census Data Show

San Diego Reader, 8/26/08

With Salaries Flat, Inflation Causes Real Pain

San Diego 6 News, 8/26/08

ECONOMY: Incomes dropping, costs rising

North County Times, 8/26/08

San Diegans in Poverty

KUSI, 8/26/08