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Report Shows San Diego Economy Recovering, But Many Children Still Living In Poverty

KPBS, 9/19/13

Local poverty rate still rising

The Daily Transcript, 9/19/13


San Diego 6, 9/19/13

Census data shows local incomes flat

Fox 5 San Diego, 9/19/13

Fast Food Workers Walk Off Job in Demand for Higher Wages

San Diego Business Journal, 8/30/13

Food service workers rally for $15 minimum wage

Food service workers rally for $15 minimum wage , 8/29/13

SD Fast Food Workers Will Join National Wage Protest

Voice of San Diego, 8/28/13

The 5 Best Ways Communities Can Lobby for Infrastructure

Voice of San Diego, 8/22/13

Training Brings More Voices Into San Diego’s Budget Process

KPBS, 8/22/13

A Chance to Change Business as Usual

San Diego Free Press, 8/21/13