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October 2002

Everybody’s job could become temporary, and that should concern all workers in San Diego. The temporary work industry continues to grow, and the experience of being a temporary worker, according to new research, looks bleak.

This report’s findings are based on discussions in focus groups with 71 temporary workers and surveys with 29 temporary work agencies and human resources managers at 38 firms, respectively. It was found that all industries use temporary workers and 75% of temps are involuntary, preferring permanent work.

The most outstanding concerns were that many temporary workers lack access to critical benefits and stability in their assignments. The study found that benefits were unattainable while incomes for temporary workers were insecure, making it difficult to make ends meet. The insecurity and frustrations define the daily lives of temporary workers as they face the prospect of losing assignment without notice and competitive or anonymous work environments.

Just Getting Byoffers recommendations for business and government that would remove the barriers that prohibit temporary workers from finding permanent employment through placement agencies.