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July 2008

The Working Uninsured, Part 2, shows that in 10 large industries and 10 large occupations in Califo­rnia, more than a quarter of the workforce has no healthcare coverage of any kind. In most of those sectors, the percentage of workers uninsured is over one third.

The uninsured are disproportionately working in blue-collar industries. Construction laborers, grounds maintenance workers, mechanics, restaurant workers, maids and agricultural workers were among those least likely to have any health coverage.

Using data from the largest statewide health survey, CPI analyzed the rate of health insurance in all industry and occupation sub-sectors with more than 75,000 workers.

Many smaller industries and occupations also have more than a third of workers uninsured. By contrast, nearly all workers are insured in some large, mostly white-collar industries and occupations. Some of the highest rates of insurance are in public administration, hospitals, management, consulting services, computer system design, and schools.